Frequently Asked Questions



What Does “Ujamaa” Mean?

Ujamaa, a Kwanzaa principle, stands for “cooperative economics” and the belief that in order for us to all prosper and profit, we must build and maintain our businesses together.

Where I Can I Find More Information About Ujamaa Box?

For our press listing, visit our “In The News” page. Also Google! 
For updates and behind-the-scenes, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope, @ujamaabox. .

Products & Businesses

What Products Are in Ujamaa Box?

Ujamaa Box brings you a variety of products from across multiple industries; from Fashion, Art, Health, Food, Beauty and more. Discover frequently purchased products that are created and supplied by Black businesses.

How Do You Select Products For Each Ujamaa Box?

We want you to discover businesses that will encourage you to purchase from more in the future. The businesses featured range from startups to established companies and provide products and services that you will want to support. We come across different businesses from vendor events, social media  and through referrals. These references are prime examples of the number of black businesses that are out there to support. To get your product in Ujamaa Box, send an email to

Subscription Service

When Will My Ujamaa Box Ship?

Ujamaa Box ships out the first day of each month. Your order will be shipped based on the date you become a subscriber. For example:  if you become a member on the 12th you will be charged on the 12th of each following month. Expect to receive your order within seven business days. .

How Do I Update My Account Information?

You can change shipping, profile or payment information by logging in to your account and making the necessary updates. If changing shipping information, please also send an email to with the subject “Change of Address”.

Shipping & Returns

How Do I Cancel Ujamaa Box My Subscription?

We do not want to see you leave! However, if you decide to cancel your subscription please send your name, email address, order #, and reason for leaving to

Do You Accept Returns?

At Ujamaa Box we do not accept returns, but encourage members to gift their subscription to a friend or family member.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know at

Do You Ship Outside The US?

Yes, we ship to Canada and the United Kingdom.

Have any more questions?

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